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Rocks, rocks and more rocks!!

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Linn Park is a beautiful and wild place bounded by the communities of Cathcart, Simshill, Castlemilk, Muirend and Netherlee. Although surrounded by the city, you can feel surrounded by nature within the walking routes of the Park. We have a threefold need for some more rocks in the Park! We would like to place some large rocks as seating and marker points at a viewing spot at the edge of existing woodland. A new woodland area we have planted on the slope in front will eventually embrace the rocks in a clearing. We need some flat rocks to augment the beautiful wildlife pond to allow creatures easy access in and out of the pond, ensuring it can contribute a wealth of wildlife to the Park. We need some path rock to fully bring back into use some paths we have cleared. They need a ‘top coat’ to ensure safe footing for the future. This will allow the wonderful world of Linn Park Local Nature Reserve to continue to be accessible and enjoyable to so many.


Tollcross Park

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Friends of Tollcross Park in partnership with Sacro’s Garden Project are working to develop areas within Tollcross Park. We have consent from Neighbourhoods and Sustainability, Glasgow City Council to carry out work within designated areas within Tollcross Park which will provide enjoyment to park users. We would like to purchase shrubs and plants to establish year-round interest within some beds which we have previously planted with wildflowers. We would also like to improve a shaded area within the park, adding to existing planting to develop a Japanese Zen garden with a focus on winter sensory points of interest, a place filled with winter scents to uplift spirits in the dark and cold months. This will create an oasis of calm and a space for relaxation, meditation and mindfulness to be practised that all members of the community can enjoy. With the guidance of an educational gardener we plan to teach volunteers who have barriers to employment horticultural skills. We would like to purchase a range of trees shrubs and herbaceous plants which will not only provide an attractive display but will provide opportunities for volunteers to gain a wide range of valuable skills.


Knightswood natters

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Knightswood Park is a large open park in a residential area, incorporating a pond, tennis courts, bowling greens and a dilapidated running track. The Friends group started in 2019 with a view to bring much needed love and care to the park and encourage more people to use this valuable facility. The Friends Group have undertaken a range of horticultural and community activities including litter picks, planting and fence repairs. We are in the process of starting a community garden and have been working with 6 local primary schools over the last 6 months. There is a major lack of benches and accessible picnic tables, especially in the top end of the park and a recent survey identified this as a barrier for people to enjoy the park. Residents at the local residential care home have noted they would use the park more regularly if there were more seating facilities. Providing accessible and thoughtfully sited seating will not only provide much needed resting points but will enable park users, of all ages to enjoy our surroundings, meet people and socialise. We want as many residents and visitors to enjoy the space as possible


Wild about Garnethill

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Garden Crowd aim to work with residents of Garnethill together with FROGGS to develop an Urban ecosystem which will increase biodiversity in the area. Garnethill has three green areas; the park, the viewpoint and the community garden. We will host workshops with young people to educate them on the nature of Garnethill, the species already there and how we can potentially build on these ecosystems. The workshops will culminate in three small projects which will bring more insects, birds and native plants to the greenspaces. We will then map the flora and fauna of the area to create a nature trail, building on the work we have already done with our nestbox trail. The nature trail will connect the spaces and also any notable other features such as the existing trees. We will produce a map of the trail and make this available to residents, local organisations and businesses to use. We will also create a leaflet to deliver to all the houses and businesses in Garnethill to inform residents about how they can use their gardens to add to the ecosystems we are creating to further increase biodiversity in the area thus making a greener Garnethill.


Knightswood running track

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

The Friends group aim to restore the running track to a level where training and competing can be carried out in a free to use environment. Since the Friends group started last year, we have removed soil from the track to improve the drainage. We improved the facility to an extent where small groups have been making use of the track. We have one other track in the north west of the city at Scotstoun Leisure Centre. The Scotstoun track is in great demand, not only from running clubs, but also by Glasgow Warriors. There is also a cost element. We want to apply for funds to add 60 tonnes of soil to the track, and a kick plate for the inside of the 400 metre running track. This is essential for training purposes. The running track is the centre piece of our park. We have worked hard to improve the facility, but now we need resources other than our time and effort. The Friends group have focussed on locals making use of their facility. We have engaged the primary schools by having their sports day in the park. This has not been altogether a success as the track needs improved.


The Bellahouston Horseshoe

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Glasgow City Council cleared and repaired the walls in 2019 but it was not planted up. The Friends of would like to plant the garden with flowers which would in turn aid the wildlife in Bellahouston Park. Returning this area to its former purpose in which it would be pleasant area to sit. Lots of visitors come to Bellahouston Park to learn about the history of the Empire Exhibition 1938 and pass this area on their way to Tate’s Tower. It would be great if this garden could be seen as a beautiful and not the run down, sad area, it is at present.


Springburn Disc Golf Course

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We hope complete the installation of an 18 Hole Disc Golf Course in Springburn Park. In 2019 the GDGC were given permission from LES in conjunction with the Friends of Springburn Park. We have since installed 9 permanent Disc Golf Baskets and a number of temporary Baskets. The funds would be used to purchase the 9 Permanent Disc Golf needed to complete the course. We would also install Junior/ kids Tee Pads along with signage. We will also install course maps & information boards around the park. The course in Springburn Park is currently rated as the second-best course in Scotland (4.6 stars out of 5: 14 courses in Scotland) and the number 1 free to play course in Scotland. We have an established player base in Glasgow with 50+ active players traveling to Springburn from all over Glasgow. We hope to spend the next 12 months helping to grow and develop a local player base. We have delivered a 6-week training program to a local Primary School and we will be hosting the Junior Scottish Open in Spring this year. We have also been working with NG Homes who run a number of after school activities and community programs.


Ha’Penny Bridge House Wee Green Garden

2020-03-05  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Friends of the River Kelvin (FORK) has occupied Ha’Penny Bridge House since 1998 and taken it from a derelict shell to be used by FORK in collaboration with partners such as schools and colleges and community groups for creative projects, workshops and events relating to the River and environmental activities. It is now in need of refurbishment and investment to make it accessible to the community and enable FORK to continue working beside the River Kelvin. We are about to enter into a new long-term lease and potentially an asset transfer of the building. Our priority is to make the building fully accessible including installing a wheelchair ramp – we would also like to develop the garden around Ha’Penny Bridge House involving our volunteers, members and community to provide a haven for pollinators, to improve it aesthetically and provide some training for members and volunteers. We are confident that we can also crowdsource reclaimed wood, plants and seeds and also have relationships with local businesses who have indicated they may provide some of the plants. Our building sits within a designated conservation area so planning consent will be required for the alterations to the building



2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Our project for 2020 has four parts: 1. To provide music workshops for people of all ages as part of our Hayburn Music Festival and Big Lunch on Sat 20th June 2020. 2. To host a totem pole carving workshop to create a permanent legacy celebrating the young people who worked on the park upgrade. 3. To install a drinking water fountain in Hayburn Park to promote environmental responsibility and reduce plastic bottle use and rubbish in the park. 4. To install some solar powered light sources in Hayburn Park to increase park use and safety.


Communi-T in the Park – Elder Park’s Music Festival & Family Fun Event

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Communi-T-in-the-Park will increase local people’s enjoyment of the park and improve health and well-being by creating a vibrant, free event for everyone to enjoy. It will bring high-quality free entertainment, community crafting, and games for young people and families. We aim to bring the diverse communities of Govan together to celebrate, play, sing, and create in Elder Park. When Isabella Elder gifted the park to the people of Govan in 1885, she knew that music unites us. Honouring her gift, this event includes a diverse range of bands, choirs, and an acoustic tent celebrating local young talent. Additionally, we will work with local organisations and groups to provide a range of fun activities including sports, games, crafts, workshops and ‘eco-activities’. Every aspect of the event will be free – including food, entertainment, and fun for the whole family! Communi-T-in-the-Park responds directly to the wishes of the park’s founder, Isabella Elder, that it be a place of “healthful recreation, music, and amusements”. Our festival, which we seek to run annually, is already a popular and important part of Govan’s calendar. This funding will help us secure the event’s future, as each year it becomes increasingly difficult to raise funds to continue it.