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Castlemilk Park Notice Board

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

This project aims to reach more of our local and wider community. By installing an outdoor notice board at the entrance to Castlemilk Park we want to advertise, promote, and encourage people to: ● Use the park to improve their health and wellbeing by showing the mapped walking routes throughout the park. ● Access free events, groups and training opportunities in. These can include conservation, biodiversity and community feedback. This can lead to stronger community relations, reduce social isolation, and provide people with new skills and experience ● Volunteer with the groups helping to keep Castlemilk Park beautiful. Volunteering is a great way to learn about the parks wildlife, biodiversity, and can help give people new skills.


Maryhill Park Wetlands

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We wish to enhance water retention in the wildflower/wetland area of our local park to provide an improved habitat for native plants, insects and amphibians. Friends of Maryhill Park (FOMP) is a group of volunteers dedicated to maintaining and improving Maryhill Park for its users. In recent years, with the help and support of Glasgow City Council, we have initiated a number of projects to improve biodiversity in the park, most notably a wildflower meadow and wetland area. Drainage in the park is historically poor, leading to overflow and flooding of adjacent streets during heavy rains. Shallow excavation of a water catchment area has been reasonably successful in temporarily retaining rainwater and reducing street flooding, but retention is currently not sufficient to support aquatic wildlife (frogs, toads, newts, insects, marginal plants) – water drains away after a few days, and the area is often totally dry in summer months. Our plan is to create a number of small, shallow ponds within or adjacent to the existing catchment area that will retain water year round, providing a safe environment for tadpoles, and other aquatic creatures. Margins of these ponds will be planted with appropriate native flowering plants and reeds beneficial to a wider range of birds and insects.


The Bellahouston Horseshoe

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Glasgow City Council cleared and repaired the walls in 2019 but it was not planted up. The Friends of would like to plant the garden with flowers which would in turn aid the wildlife in Bellahouston Park. Returning this area to its former purpose in which it would be pleasant area to sit. Lots of visitors come to Bellahouston Park to learn about the history of the Empire Exhibition 1938 and pass this area on their way to Tate’s Tower. It would be great if this garden could be seen as a beautiful and not the run down, sad area, it is at present.


Community Leasing of Broomhill Avenue Greenspace

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Friends of Broomhill Avenue Greenspace (FoBAG) have been conducting ‘light touch’ maintenance of the site as a Friends of Group since ~2007. This year, via the community asset transfer process, we aim to take out a long term lease (25 years) on the site in order to allow us to carry out longer term activities. These activities include the planting and maintenance of a native species wildlife friendly hedge to encourage biodiversity and provide habit for birds and insects. Planting of native trees friendly to birds, and pollinators. The hedge and tree are also intended to provide a natural screen between residential areas and the clydeside expressway cutting down noise and pollution. This will be followed by provision of wildflower areas, and further bird feeders, and invertebrate habitats. This grant application is to cover the startup costs of taking over the site, legal fees for the offer to Glasgow City Council, and covering part of the year 1 costs.


Waymarking and Publicising Magnificent 11 route

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We aim to Waymark the Magnificent 11 route through the use of roundel marked posts, street signage and create a publicity leaflet describing each section of the route. Magnificent 11 is a circular walk route, away from traffic, that takes in the finest greenspaces of the south side. This route, away from traffic, allows us to enjoy walking by streams, through wide open spaces and woodland paths. To see on our doorstep the throng of wildlife from sparrows to jacksnipe, oak to pine trees, snowdrops to bluebells. Highest point in the walk, Cathkin Braes, gives a panoramic view of Glasgow The City in a Woodland, a breathtaking sight. Each of the 4 sections, approximately 2 - 2.5 miles, connects directly with public transport allowing the walk to be undertaken in part or in whole thus allowing the individual to make the choice. Parts 1 + 2 Linn Park > Kings Park > Ardencraig road, Commence in Linn Park (LNR), cross into Kings park, through Castlemilk Park onto Fernbrae Meadow (LNR) Parts 3 + 4 Ardencraig Road > Carmunock > Linn Park Cross Fernbrae Meadow (LNR), up to the summit of Cathkin Braes(LNR) through Big Wood, Windlaw Farm, passing Carmunock, Carnbooth and into Parklee Farm. Enter Netherton Braes following the White Cart river back to Linn Park. Please vote for this project that allows communities to connect with nature simply by walking.


Signs of the Greenspace

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Responding to a frequently stated need for FROGGS signage, this project will commission a local designer/artisan to create high quality, durable signs, using sustainable materials, that introduce people to FROGGS projects and our greenspace heritage: the community garden, the bread oven in the park and other initiatives in Garnethill. Signs will let people know how they can become involved and how to contact FROGGS. Signs will indicate our green trails. Signs will educate, for instance, around the garden on herb growing and use, composting with community input, sharing raised beds for food growing. Signs can point people to areas of biodiversity and to planting that improves air quality. Signs can indicate species of wildlife that may be found in our hill’s greenspaces. Some signs can also be designed as noticeboards announcing FROGGS events.


Springburn Disc Golf Course

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We hope complete the installation of an 18 Hole Disc Golf Course in Springburn Park. In 2019 the GDGC were given permission from LES in conjunction with the Friends of Springburn Park. We have since installed 9 permanent Disc Golf Baskets and a number of temporary Baskets. The funds would be used to purchase the 9 Permanent Disc Golf needed to complete the course. We would also install Junior/ kids Tee Pads along with signage. We will also install course maps & information boards around the park. The course in Springburn Park is currently rated as the second-best course in Scotland (4.6 stars out of 5: 14 courses in Scotland) and the number 1 free to play course in Scotland. We have an established player base in Glasgow with 50+ active players traveling to Springburn from all over Glasgow. We hope to spend the next 12 months helping to grow and develop a local player base. We have delivered a 6-week training program to a local Primary School and we will be hosting the Junior Scottish Open in Spring this year. We have also been working with NG Homes who run a number of after school activities and community programs.


Alexandra Park Festival

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Each year a community Festival is held within Alexandra Park and this year is the park’s 150th anniversary. The park has been a major source of enjoyment for the people of Dennistoun and surrounding areas for generations and the Friends of Alexandra Park (FOAP) are keen to celebrate this important milestone as part of the Festival activities. The FOAP wish to use the Festival to demonstrate its purpose and showcase its current work to the wider community. We are in involved in numerous activities to promote the use of the park, preserve vital services within the park and work in partnership with the City Council and community based organisations. Specifically, FOAP is applying for a Wee Green Grant in order that we can engage with the local community around issues such as climate change and why the preservation of Alexandra Park is vital. We believe this applies especially to young people and we aim to organise workshops and events in conjunction with local schools as well as the wider community in the lead up to the festival as well as during the festival itself. This would include raising climate change issues surrounding COP26 being hosted by Glasgow in November 2020.  


Replacement of 5 benches using recycled wood

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We aim to replace 5 of the existing benches which are rotten and broken



2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Our project for 2020 has four parts: 1. To provide music workshops for people of all ages as part of our Hayburn Music Festival and Big Lunch on Sat 20th June 2020. 2. To host a totem pole carving workshop to create a permanent legacy celebrating the young people who worked on the park upgrade. 3. To install a drinking water fountain in Hayburn Park to promote environmental responsibility and reduce plastic bottle use and rubbish in the park. 4. To install some solar powered light sources in Hayburn Park to increase park use and safety.