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Glasgow’s Wilds Better

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Investment project code: 16

Context & Aims SNH has declared 2020 as the Year of Coasts and Waters; Glasgow plays host to COP26:UN Climate Change Conference; and GCC has declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency. We aim to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the City’s LNRs, waterbodies and green spaces through organising and participating in a series of projects, events and exhibitions. Background & Project Our waterbodies, woodlands and grassland are crucial in alleviating flooding, improving water quality, removing CO2, helping reduce noise and wind borne pollution and providing an opportunity for biodiversity to flourish. We shall utilise modern techniques to get this message across and to provide an insight into Glasgow’s wildlife rarely seen by Glaswegians. For example, we shall: • use an endoscope, already purchased, to record breeding birds in our bird boxes throughout the City. • install a ‘trail cam’ alongside rivers and ponds to record rare species such as otters. • regularly analyse and upload all the data, videos and images onto a lap-top, web site and facebook page which we’ll use to engage with the public at events, exhibitions and talks and also to inform the Council. • display key images and a narrative at unmanned exhibitions utilising desk-top displays.

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