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Community Leasing of Broomhill Avenue Greenspace

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Investment project code: 31

Friends of Broomhill Avenue Greenspace (FoBAG) have been conducting ‘light touch’ maintenance of the site as a Friends of Group since ~2007. This year, via the community asset transfer process, we aim to take out a long term lease (25 years) on the site in order to allow us to carry out longer term activities. These activities include the planting and maintenance of a native species wildlife friendly hedge to encourage biodiversity and provide habit for birds and insects. Planting of native trees friendly to birds, and pollinators. The hedge and tree are also intended to provide a natural screen between residential areas and the clydeside expressway cutting down noise and pollution. This will be followed by provision of wildflower areas, and further bird feeders, and invertebrate habitats. This grant application is to cover the startup costs of taking over the site, legal fees for the offer to Glasgow City Council, and covering part of the year 1 costs.

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