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Knightswood running track

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Investment project code: 39

The Friends group aim to restore the running track to a level where training and competing can be carried out in a free to use environment. Since the Friends group started last year, we have removed soil from the track to improve the drainage. We improved the facility to an extent where small groups have been making use of the track. We have one other track in the north west of the city at Scotstoun Leisure Centre. The Scotstoun track is in great demand, not only from running clubs, but also by Glasgow Warriors. There is also a cost element. We want to apply for funds to add 60 tonnes of soil to the track, and a kick plate for the inside of the 400 metre running track. This is essential for training purposes. The running track is the centre piece of our park. We have worked hard to improve the facility, but now we need resources other than our time and effort. The Friends group have focussed on locals making use of their facility. We have engaged the primary schools by having their sports day in the park. This has not been altogether a success as the track needs improved.

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