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Investment project code: 40

Knightswood Park is a large open park in a residential area, incorporating a pond, tennis courts, bowling greens and a dilapidated running track. The Friends group started in 2019 with a view to bring much needed love and care to the park and encourage more people to use this valuable facility. The Friends Group have undertaken a range of horticultural and community activities including litter picks, planting and fence repairs. We are in the process of starting a community garden and have been working with 6 local primary schools over the last 6 months. There is a major lack of benches and accessible picnic tables, especially in the top end of the park and a recent survey identified this as a barrier for people to enjoy the park. Residents at the local residential care home have noted they would use the park more regularly if there were more seating facilities. Providing accessible and thoughtfully sited seating will not only provide much needed resting points but will enable park users, of all ages to enjoy our surroundings, meet people and socialise. We want as many residents and visitors to enjoy the space as possible

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