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Maryhill Park Wetlands

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Investment project code: 42

We wish to enhance water retention in the wildflower/wetland area of our local park to provide an improved habitat for native plants, insects and amphibians. Friends of Maryhill Park (FOMP) is a group of volunteers dedicated to maintaining and improving Maryhill Park for its users. In recent years, with the help and support of Glasgow City Council, we have initiated a number of projects to improve biodiversity in the park, most notably a wildflower meadow and wetland area. Drainage in the park is historically poor, leading to overflow and flooding of adjacent streets during heavy rains. Shallow excavation of a water catchment area has been reasonably successful in temporarily retaining rainwater and reducing street flooding, but retention is currently not sufficient to support aquatic wildlife (frogs, toads, newts, insects, marginal plants) – water drains away after a few days, and the area is often totally dry in summer months. Our plan is to create a number of small, shallow ponds within or adjacent to the existing catchment area that will retain water year round, providing a safe environment for tadpoles, and other aquatic creatures. Margins of these ponds will be planted with appropriate native flowering plants and reeds beneficial to a wider range of birds and insects.

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