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Tollcross Park

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Investment project code: 43

Friends of Tollcross Park in partnership with Sacro’s Garden Project are working to develop areas within Tollcross Park. We have consent from Neighbourhoods and Sustainability, Glasgow City Council to carry out work within designated areas within Tollcross Park which will provide enjoyment to park users. We would like to purchase shrubs and plants to establish year-round interest within some beds which we have previously planted with wildflowers. We would also like to improve a shaded area within the park, adding to existing planting to develop a Japanese Zen garden with a focus on winter sensory points of interest, a place filled with winter scents to uplift spirits in the dark and cold months. This will create an oasis of calm and a space for relaxation, meditation and mindfulness to be practised that all members of the community can enjoy. With the guidance of an educational gardener we plan to teach volunteers who have barriers to employment horticultural skills. We would like to purchase a range of trees shrubs and herbaceous plants which will not only provide an attractive display but will provide opportunities for volunteers to gain a wide range of valuable skills.

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