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Ha’Penny Bridge House Wee Green Garden

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Investment project code: 47

Friends of the River Kelvin (FORK) has occupied Ha’Penny Bridge House since 1998 and taken it from a derelict shell to be used by FORK in collaboration with partners such as schools and colleges and community groups for creative projects, workshops and events relating to the River and environmental activities. It is now in need of refurbishment and investment to make it accessible to the community and enable FORK to continue working beside the River Kelvin. We are about to enter into a new long-term lease and potentially an asset transfer of the building. Our priority is to make the building fully accessible including installing a wheelchair ramp – we would also like to develop the garden around Ha’Penny Bridge House involving our volunteers, members and community to provide a haven for pollinators, to improve it aesthetically and provide some training for members and volunteers. We are confident that we can also crowdsource reclaimed wood, plants and seeds and also have relationships with local businesses who have indicated they may provide some of the plants. Our building sits within a designated conservation area so planning consent will be required for the alterations to the building

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