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Investment project code: 50

We have a plot of land in Arden which we intend to use as a community garden. Many residents in Arden have poor mental health: we believe that a community garden, where residents can enjoy gentle walks, do light gardening, develop their creative skills, and socialise with their neighbours, will help decrease levels of loneliness and isolation, and improve confidence and self esteem. As per residents’ requests, we intend to improve our green spaces and walking routes by erecting benches and bins. We intend to use the Friendly Bench model and erect benches within the community garden as well as in other public areas to encourage socialisation. Residents who we have spoken with agree that if there were benches, they would make more use of Arden’s green spaces. We also want to erect fencing around the garden for privacy and to deter vandalism. We hope to involve community groups, including local nurseries and schools, to promote intergenerational learning. This application has gained the support of the Friends of Queen’s Park.

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  • Bridget Jones
    Bridget Jones  • 2020-03-09 14:22:38

    Arden is a deprived area in the middle of no-where with nothing to do amenities so a community garden would really help lift peoples spirits.

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