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This heading has a budget of £90,000


Waymarking and Publicising Magnificent 11 route

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We aim to Waymark the Magnificent 11 route through the use of roundel marked posts, street signage and create a publicity leaflet describing each section of the route. Magnificent 11 is a circular walk route, away from traffic, that takes in the finest greenspaces of the south side. This route, away from traffic, allows us to enjoy walking by streams, through wide open spaces and woodland paths. To see on our doorstep the throng of wildlife from sparrows to jacksnipe, oak to pine trees, snowdrops to bluebells. Highest point in the walk, Cathkin Braes, gives a panoramic view of Glasgow The City in a Woodland, a breathtaking sight. Each of the 4 sections, approximately 2 - 2.5 miles, connects directly with public transport allowing the walk to be undertaken in part or in whole thus allowing the individual to make the choice. Parts 1 + 2 Linn Park > Kings Park > Ardencraig road, Commence in Linn Park (LNR), cross into Kings park, through Castlemilk Park onto Fernbrae Meadow (LNR) Parts 3 + 4 Ardencraig Road > Carmunock > Linn Park Cross Fernbrae Meadow (LNR), up to the summit of Cathkin Braes(LNR) through Big Wood, Windlaw Farm, passing Carmunock, Carnbooth and into Parklee Farm. Enter Netherton Braes following the White Cart river back to Linn Park. Please vote for this project that allows communities to connect with nature simply by walking.


Elder Park Rose Garden Renovation

2020-03-05  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

The project aims to renovate the rose beds in Elder Park that are situated around the statue of Isabella Elder. Recent council budget cuts have seen the park maintenance for Elder Park cut back to a bare minimum. This has meant that the rose garden situated close to the southern perimeter fence has declined to the point that many of the rose plants have died and the only formal part of the park is in a poor state of repair generally. FOEP are proposing a project to renovate the rose beds to ensure this original feature of the park can be enjoyed by future generations.


Springburn Disc Golf Course

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We hope complete the installation of an 18 Hole Disc Golf Course in Springburn Park. In 2019 the GDGC were given permission from LES in conjunction with the Friends of Springburn Park. We have since installed 9 permanent Disc Golf Baskets and a number of temporary Baskets. The funds would be used to purchase the 9 Permanent Disc Golf needed to complete the course. We would also install Junior/ kids Tee Pads along with signage. We will also install course maps & information boards around the park. The course in Springburn Park is currently rated as the second-best course in Scotland (4.6 stars out of 5: 14 courses in Scotland) and the number 1 free to play course in Scotland. We have an established player base in Glasgow with 50+ active players traveling to Springburn from all over Glasgow. We hope to spend the next 12 months helping to grow and develop a local player base. We have delivered a 6-week training program to a local Primary School and we will be hosting the Junior Scottish Open in Spring this year. We have also been working with NG Homes who run a number of after school activities and community programs.


Wild about Garnethill

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Garden Crowd aim to work with residents of Garnethill together with FROGGS to develop an Urban ecosystem which will increase biodiversity in the area. Garnethill has three green areas; the park, the viewpoint and the community garden. We will host workshops with young people to educate them on the nature of Garnethill, the species already there and how we can potentially build on these ecosystems. The workshops will culminate in three small projects which will bring more insects, birds and native plants to the greenspaces. We will then map the flora and fauna of the area to create a nature trail, building on the work we have already done with our nestbox trail. The nature trail will connect the spaces and also any notable other features such as the existing trees. We will produce a map of the trail and make this available to residents, local organisations and businesses to use. We will also create a leaflet to deliver to all the houses and businesses in Garnethill to inform residents about how they can use their gardens to add to the ecosystems we are creating to further increase biodiversity in the area thus making a greener Garnethill.


Glasgow’s Wilds Better

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Context & Aims SNH has declared 2020 as the Year of Coasts and Waters; Glasgow plays host to COP26:UN Climate Change Conference; and GCC has declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency. We aim to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the City’s LNRs, waterbodies and green spaces through organising and participating in a series of projects, events and exhibitions. Background & Project Our waterbodies, woodlands and grassland are crucial in alleviating flooding, improving water quality, removing CO2, helping reduce noise and wind borne pollution and providing an opportunity for biodiversity to flourish. We shall utilise modern techniques to get this message across and to provide an insight into Glasgow’s wildlife rarely seen by Glaswegians. For example, we shall: • use an endoscope, already purchased, to record breeding birds in our bird boxes throughout the City. • install a ‘trail cam’ alongside rivers and ponds to record rare species such as otters. • regularly analyse and upload all the data, videos and images onto a lap-top, web site and facebook page which we’ll use to engage with the public at events, exhibitions and talks and also to inform the Council. • display key images and a narrative at unmanned exhibitions utilising desk-top displays.


Teaching the Teachers

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

The proposal The Botanic Gardens/the Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens frequently receives requests from schools to advise on school gardens, and in particular, vegetable growing, but the resources are limited to achieve this. This proposal is to “Teach the Teachers” the basic elements of successful gardening and to enable them to encourage horticultural activities in their own school grounds. Even if the school has limited growing space we shall demonstrate the opportunities in small raised beds, either self-construct or through the purchase of portable units. We have considerable experience in providing courses in the Gardens through the Certificate in Practical Horticulture and this will be an abbreviated form of that course The project is a partnership between the Friends, Gardens staff and the Royal Horticultural Society Who is the course aimed at? Initially it is for teachers and classroom assistants involved in environmental studies throughout 80 schools in Glasgow and the courses will be held in Glasgow Botanic Gardens using the new education area recently funded by the Friends. Tutoring will be by members of the Friends who have trained and validated by Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh


Active Arden Community Garden (goConnect)

2020-03-06  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We have a plot of land in Arden which we intend to use as a community garden. Many residents in Arden have poor mental health: we believe that a community garden, where residents can enjoy gentle walks, do light gardening, develop their creative skills, and socialise with their neighbours, will help decrease levels of loneliness and isolation, and improve confidence and self esteem. As per residents’ requests, we intend to improve our green spaces and walking routes by erecting benches and bins. We intend to use the Friendly Bench model and erect benches within the community garden as well as in other public areas to encourage socialisation. Residents who we have spoken with agree that if there were benches, they would make more use of Arden’s green spaces. We also want to erect fencing around the garden for privacy and to deter vandalism. We hope to involve community groups, including local nurseries and schools, to promote intergenerational learning. This application has gained the support of the Friends of Queen’s Park.


Community Leasing of Broomhill Avenue Greenspace

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Friends of Broomhill Avenue Greenspace (FoBAG) have been conducting ‘light touch’ maintenance of the site as a Friends of Group since ~2007. This year, via the community asset transfer process, we aim to take out a long term lease (25 years) on the site in order to allow us to carry out longer term activities. These activities include the planting and maintenance of a native species wildlife friendly hedge to encourage biodiversity and provide habit for birds and insects. Planting of native trees friendly to birds, and pollinators. The hedge and tree are also intended to provide a natural screen between residential areas and the clydeside expressway cutting down noise and pollution. This will be followed by provision of wildflower areas, and further bird feeders, and invertebrate habitats. This grant application is to cover the startup costs of taking over the site, legal fees for the offer to Glasgow City Council, and covering part of the year 1 costs.


Eggstravaganza, Bat Walk, Spooky Walk

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Easter Sunday Egg Hunt, Egg and Spoon Race, facepainting, baloons, eater egges for kids

Bat walk through green with bat society explaining about bats and species pointing kids, sources bats and trees with bat machine give kids reusable water bottles reiterating about environment and bats input

Spooky walk at halloween through area of green kids dress up pumkin carving and treasure hunt with small treats as prizes

Will depend on funds how much bwe can have

This is three events we intend to have however if funds left could have some more



2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Our project for 2020 has four parts: 1. To provide music workshops for people of all ages as part of our Hayburn Music Festival and Big Lunch on Sat 20th June 2020. 2. To host a totem pole carving workshop to create a permanent legacy celebrating the young people who worked on the park upgrade. 3. To install a drinking water fountain in Hayburn Park to promote environmental responsibility and reduce plastic bottle use and rubbish in the park. 4. To install some solar powered light sources in Hayburn Park to increase park use and safety.