Wee Green Grants

Investment projects with scope: Wee Green Grants

This heading has a budget of £90,000


Tollcross Park

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Friends of Tollcross Park in partnership with Sacro’s Garden Project are working to develop areas within Tollcross Park. We have consent from Neighbourhoods and Sustainability, Glasgow City Council to carry out work within designated areas within Tollcross Park which will provide enjoyment to park users. We would like to purchase shrubs and plants to establish year-round interest within some beds which we have previously planted with wildflowers. We would also like to improve a shaded area within the park, adding to existing planting to develop a Japanese Zen garden with a focus on winter sensory points of interest, a place filled with winter scents to uplift spirits in the dark and cold months. This will create an oasis of calm and a space for relaxation, meditation and mindfulness to be practised that all members of the community can enjoy. With the guidance of an educational gardener we plan to teach volunteers who have barriers to employment horticultural skills. We would like to purchase a range of trees shrubs and herbaceous plants which will not only provide an attractive display but will provide opportunities for volunteers to gain a wide range of valuable skills.



2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Our project for 2020 has four parts: 1. To provide music workshops for people of all ages as part of our Hayburn Music Festival and Big Lunch on Sat 20th June 2020. 2. To host a totem pole carving workshop to create a permanent legacy celebrating the young people who worked on the park upgrade. 3. To install a drinking water fountain in Hayburn Park to promote environmental responsibility and reduce plastic bottle use and rubbish in the park. 4. To install some solar powered light sources in Hayburn Park to increase park use and safety.


Waymarking and Publicising Magnificent 11 route

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We aim to Waymark the Magnificent 11 route through the use of roundel marked posts, street signage and create a publicity leaflet describing each section of the route. Magnificent 11 is a circular walk route, away from traffic, that takes in the finest greenspaces of the south side. This route, away from traffic, allows us to enjoy walking by streams, through wide open spaces and woodland paths. To see on our doorstep the throng of wildlife from sparrows to jacksnipe, oak to pine trees, snowdrops to bluebells. Highest point in the walk, Cathkin Braes, gives a panoramic view of Glasgow The City in a Woodland, a breathtaking sight. Each of the 4 sections, approximately 2 - 2.5 miles, connects directly with public transport allowing the walk to be undertaken in part or in whole thus allowing the individual to make the choice. Parts 1 + 2 Linn Park > Kings Park > Ardencraig road, Commence in Linn Park (LNR), cross into Kings park, through Castlemilk Park onto Fernbrae Meadow (LNR) Parts 3 + 4 Ardencraig Road > Carmunock > Linn Park Cross Fernbrae Meadow (LNR), up to the summit of Cathkin Braes(LNR) through Big Wood, Windlaw Farm, passing Carmunock, Carnbooth and into Parklee Farm. Enter Netherton Braes following the White Cart river back to Linn Park. Please vote for this project that allows communities to connect with nature simply by walking.


North Kelvin Meadow

2020-03-05  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We are at the point where we need to renew some items, get the benefits more from what we have and put on some community events that will help local people get the health benefits from this wild natural community greenspace. The Meadow especially needs cut this autumn and meadow flowers bought and planted. The wood needs help from the constant use such as repairing the fence and planting woodland flowers. Glasgow and especially this area has a long standing health problem and we aim to do our bit to help this. Although we feel we have a good track record this money will mean we can kick on and deliver much more in the year ahead.


Hedgerows for Clean Air

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

The Garnethill Climate Action Group aims to improve air quality by community planting of hedgerows throughout our urban area. A founding member’s research identified the efficacy of hedgerows in capturing and converting toxic emissions. This Spring we will plant hedgerow saplings on key points in Garnethill. We will also prepare the ground for another round of planting at the end of the year. Planting events will involve people of all ages and abilities from our local community and the hill’s enthusiastic educational, arts, cultural and environmental groups and establishments. In addition we will research and experiment with other green initiatives for improving air quality, e.g. moss walls.


Pollok Wildlife Garden renovation

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We are currently renovating the wild life garden in Pollok park. Two major operations are restoring the pond and clearing the ground of weeds. Having dug over the ground and weeded we now need to replant with a variety of herbs and wild flowers. As well as this the wild life garden cannot be opened to the general public as the pond is too deep for safety. Hence our second request for clean boulders to fill in the pond up to a safe level


Alexandra Park Festival

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Each year a community Festival is held within Alexandra Park and this year is the park’s 150th anniversary. The park has been a major source of enjoyment for the people of Dennistoun and surrounding areas for generations and the Friends of Alexandra Park (FOAP) are keen to celebrate this important milestone as part of the Festival activities. The FOAP wish to use the Festival to demonstrate its purpose and showcase its current work to the wider community. We are in involved in numerous activities to promote the use of the park, preserve vital services within the park and work in partnership with the City Council and community based organisations. Specifically, FOAP is applying for a Wee Green Grant in order that we can engage with the local community around issues such as climate change and why the preservation of Alexandra Park is vital. We believe this applies especially to young people and we aim to organise workshops and events in conjunction with local schools as well as the wider community in the lead up to the festival as well as during the festival itself. This would include raising climate change issues surrounding COP26 being hosted by Glasgow in November 2020.  


Eggstravaganza, Bat Walk, Spooky Walk

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Easter Sunday Egg Hunt, Egg and Spoon Race, facepainting, baloons, eater egges for kids

Bat walk through green with bat society explaining about bats and species pointing kids, sources bats and trees with bat machine give kids reusable water bottles reiterating about environment and bats input

Spooky walk at halloween through area of green kids dress up pumkin carving and treasure hunt with small treats as prizes

Will depend on funds how much bwe can have

This is three events we intend to have however if funds left could have some more


Queen’s Park Flower Show

2020-03-05  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We want to celebrate Queen’s Park through a free, accessible, educational community event that creates a positive benefit for the park. The event will: - encourage volunteering with the Friends of Queen’s Park Group, - create a welcoming entrance to the park from Victoria Road through the addition of planters - bring footfall to the park - inform and educate attendees on local flora and fauna, - create a family trail around the park


Hedging our bets – adding a hedgerow to Cherry Park

2020-03-05  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We would like to add a hedgerow to Cherry Park. This is to improve both the look and feel of the park by properly demarcating its boundaries (hence, maintenance), as well as enhancing the environmental qualities and biodiversity of the park since hedgerows are well known to act as habitats for a variety of species, from insects to birds.