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Investment projects with scope: Wee Green Grants

This heading has a budget of £90,000


Replacement of 5 benches using recycled wood

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

We aim to replace 5 of the existing benches which are rotten and broken


Knightswood natters

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Knightswood Park is a large open park in a residential area, incorporating a pond, tennis courts, bowling greens and a dilapidated running track. The Friends group started in 2019 with a view to bring much needed love and care to the park and encourage more people to use this valuable facility. The Friends Group have undertaken a range of horticultural and community activities including litter picks, planting and fence repairs. We are in the process of starting a community garden and have been working with 6 local primary schools over the last 6 months. There is a major lack of benches and accessible picnic tables, especially in the top end of the park and a recent survey identified this as a barrier for people to enjoy the park. Residents at the local residential care home have noted they would use the park more regularly if there were more seating facilities. Providing accessible and thoughtfully sited seating will not only provide much needed resting points but will enable park users, of all ages to enjoy our surroundings, meet people and socialise. We want as many residents and visitors to enjoy the space as possible


Glasgow’s Wilds Better

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Context & Aims SNH has declared 2020 as the Year of Coasts and Waters; Glasgow plays host to COP26:UN Climate Change Conference; and GCC has declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency. We aim to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the City’s LNRs, waterbodies and green spaces through organising and participating in a series of projects, events and exhibitions. Background & Project Our waterbodies, woodlands and grassland are crucial in alleviating flooding, improving water quality, removing CO2, helping reduce noise and wind borne pollution and providing an opportunity for biodiversity to flourish. We shall utilise modern techniques to get this message across and to provide an insight into Glasgow’s wildlife rarely seen by Glaswegians. For example, we shall: • use an endoscope, already purchased, to record breeding birds in our bird boxes throughout the City. • install a ‘trail cam’ alongside rivers and ponds to record rare species such as otters. • regularly analyse and upload all the data, videos and images onto a lap-top, web site and facebook page which we’ll use to engage with the public at events, exhibitions and talks and also to inform the Council. • display key images and a narrative at unmanned exhibitions utilising desk-top displays.


Wild about Garnethill

2020-03-03  •  admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Garden Crowd aim to work with residents of Garnethill together with FROGGS to develop an Urban ecosystem which will increase biodiversity in the area. Garnethill has three green areas; the park, the viewpoint and the community garden. We will host workshops with young people to educate them on the nature of Garnethill, the species already there and how we can potentially build on these ecosystems. The workshops will culminate in three small projects which will bring more insects, birds and native plants to the greenspaces. We will then map the flora and fauna of the area to create a nature trail, building on the work we have already done with our nestbox trail. The nature trail will connect the spaces and also any notable other features such as the existing trees. We will produce a map of the trail and make this available to residents, local organisations and businesses to use. We will also create a leaflet to deliver to all the houses and businesses in Garnethill to inform residents about how they can use their gardens to add to the ecosystems we are creating to further increase biodiversity in the area thus making a greener Garnethill.


Ha’Penny Bridge House Wee Green Garden

2020-03-05  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Friends of the River Kelvin (FORK) has occupied Ha’Penny Bridge House since 1998 and taken it from a derelict shell to be used by FORK in collaboration with partners such as schools and colleges and community groups for creative projects, workshops and events relating to the River and environmental activities. It is now in need of refurbishment and investment to make it accessible to the community and enable FORK to continue working beside the River Kelvin. We are about to enter into a new long-term lease and potentially an asset transfer of the building. Our priority is to make the building fully accessible including installing a wheelchair ramp – we would also like to develop the garden around Ha’Penny Bridge House involving our volunteers, members and community to provide a haven for pollinators, to improve it aesthetically and provide some training for members and volunteers. We are confident that we can also crowdsource reclaimed wood, plants and seeds and also have relationships with local businesses who have indicated they may provide some of the plants. Our building sits within a designated conservation area so planning consent will be required for the alterations to the building


Castlemilk Park Notice Board

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

This project aims to reach more of our local and wider community. By installing an outdoor notice board at the entrance to Castlemilk Park we want to advertise, promote, and encourage people to: ● Use the park to improve their health and wellbeing by showing the mapped walking routes throughout the park. ● Access free events, groups and training opportunities in. These can include conservation, biodiversity and community feedback. This can lead to stronger community relations, reduce social isolation, and provide people with new skills and experience ● Volunteer with the groups helping to keep Castlemilk Park beautiful. Volunteering is a great way to learn about the parks wildlife, biodiversity, and can help give people new skills.


Signs of the Greenspace

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Responding to a frequently stated need for FROGGS signage, this project will commission a local designer/artisan to create high quality, durable signs, using sustainable materials, that introduce people to FROGGS projects and our greenspace heritage: the community garden, the bread oven in the park and other initiatives in Garnethill. Signs will let people know how they can become involved and how to contact FROGGS. Signs will indicate our green trails. Signs will educate, for instance, around the garden on herb growing and use, composting with community input, sharing raised beds for food growing. Signs can point people to areas of biodiversity and to planting that improves air quality. Signs can indicate species of wildlife that may be found in our hill’s greenspaces. Some signs can also be designed as noticeboards announcing FROGGS events.


Rocks, rocks and more rocks!!

2020-03-03  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants

Linn Park is a beautiful and wild place bounded by the communities of Cathcart, Simshill, Castlemilk, Muirend and Netherlee. Although surrounded by the city, you can feel surrounded by nature within the walking routes of the Park. We have a threefold need for some more rocks in the Park! We would like to place some large rocks as seating and marker points at a viewing spot at the edge of existing woodland. A new woodland area we have planted on the slope in front will eventually embrace the rocks in a clearing. We need some flat rocks to augment the beautiful wildlife pond to allow creatures easy access in and out of the pond, ensuring it can contribute a wealth of wildlife to the Park. We need some path rock to fully bring back into use some paths we have cleared. They need a ‘top coat’ to ensure safe footing for the future. This will allow the wonderful world of Linn Park Local Nature Reserve to continue to be accessible and enjoyable to so many.