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A Walk in the Woods

Admin Admin  •  2021-03-01  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II  • 


Investment project code: 53

Linn Park is a beautiful and wild place bounded by the communities of Cathcart, Simshill, Castlemilk, Muirend and Netherlee. Although surrounded by the city, you can feel surrounded by nature within the walking routes of the Park. We had great success with the previous Wee Green Grant which allowed us to buy some path material to really improve some areas of path within the park, and to create a safe pedestrian route alongside a roadway. We would love to continue the path improvements to fully bring back into use some more paths we have cleared. The volunteers have been shifting mud, digging drainage channels and lopping back vegetation to allow a woodland network of paths to be useable again, saving the woodland from further erosion from footsteps trying to find a way past the muddy puddles. We now need to give the paths a ‘top coat’ to ensure safe footing for the future. This will allow the wonderful world of Linn Park Local Nature Reserve to continue to be accessible and enjoyable to so many. Part of the white cart walkway is within Linn Park and also needs some path improvement – we would reserve some of the path material to improve this area also.

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