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Dragons Teeth for Kings Park

Admin Admin  •  2021-03-01  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II  • 

R25 Kings Park.jpg
R25 Kings Park.jpg

Investment project code: 55

King's Park is a treasured, well used, widely enjoyed public green space in a densely populated area. More than merely 60 acres of trees and meadows, the park features five listed heritage structures, ranging from the A listed architectural masterpiece Aikenhead House in the centre of the park to a much loved C listed walled garden. Road access to the park is via Carmunnock Road. This year FoKP volunteers have planted thousands of bulbs along the drive and also a grove of 14 cherry trees. Road traffic into the park has not unfortunately been confined to the drive: vehicles have been driving over the grass (and new plantings), creating muddy trenches and other damage. FoKP wishes to place "dragon!s teeth! boulders along both sides of the drive at intervals of 2 1/2 metres. This will have the effect of slowing traffic along the drive (improving safety for pedestrians); and as well, it will prevent damage to an important heritage and natural public asset. FoKP seeks funding to buy the dragon!s teeth boulders. Glasgow Council!s Neighbourhoods and Sustainability has kindly agreed to partner with the group to place them along the drive. 

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