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Woodland Wellbeing

Admin Admin  •  2021-03-01  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II  • 


Investment project code: 61

As part of a bigger project improving an area in Castlemilk Woodland, we want to make the woodland is more accessible and encourage more people to use it for health and wellbeing. The woodland is for everyone however at the moment there are insufficient rest areas for people who might require a break when in the woods e.g. older adults, people with mobility issues, pregnant people, or simply those who want to enjoy the woodland. COVID has shown us even more how important woodlands are for wellbeing and mental health, particularly in an area where there are already few places to go and also one where financial hardship is common. Castlemilk Park Project who we work in partnership with already do a huge range of wellbeing activity in the area such as health walks, family events and activities, and photography. This Woodland Wellbeing project would be part of the wider aims and mean people can use the space independently. We will: - Have a Wellbeing Bench at Castlemilk Pond that links with other projects in the rea that have similar benches e.g. Lost Lives Garden, schools and is lead by LD Let’s Talk a local initiative about connecting and not being alone

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