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Colourful Biodiversity Wall Mural and Mini Garden in [Gibson St] Bee Corridor

Admin Admin  •  2021-03-01  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II  • 


Investment project code: 67

We seek funds to establish a ‘mini pollinator garden’ and mural wall to transform an area that is neglected into one that promotes biodiversity, neighbourhood ownership of emerging ‘green spaces’, and intergenerational community imagining of an ecologically-sustainable future. It can showcase Glasgow as a bold and creative ‘green city’ ahead of COP26 in November. We will source robust planters using waste materials and sustainably produced waterproof hardware to home bee-friendly pollinator plants, in line with the Council’s ‘bee corridor’ initiative along Gibson St. This will be established with guidance from Woodlands Community Gardens, RSPB, Friends of the River Kelvin and other partners, and maintained by school pupils and local businesses on a rota basis, fostering community spirit and resilience. Inspired by Glasgow’s mural trail, an attractive, bright, wall-sized image will span the garden, with echoes of hopes into the future: community building, sustainability, bio- and cultural diversity, youth, climate action and pandemic recovery. Evoking the landscape of the River Kelvin, it will be designed and delivered by a National Trustapproved graffiti artist, in collaboration with children and young people at the schools. We will also seek to incorporate educational engagement with emerging local graffiti youth artists through partnerships. 

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