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Drummy Diner in the Park

Admin Admin  •  2021-03-02  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II  • 


Investment project code: 71

We anticipate taking a long lease on The Pavilion, opening it up to the public, having a not-for-profit café, allowing access to toilet facilities when open. This would be the first step to developing an activity base for residents using the park.   We would link with local groups using the park with bookings taken for availability outside normal opening hours.  We would wish to encourage the use of current sport facilities in the park and develop others.  Some sporting groups use the park for exercise but have no access to toilets etc.  We would also look to the local Youth Project to use the space for their outreach work which is done in the park.  We would also like to put on activities on occasion for the public within the park, live music, dancers, entertainment etc.

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