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Community Play, Bardowie Street Play Park - Possilpark

Admin Admin  •  2021-03-02  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II  • 


Investment project code: 72

Possilpark lacks many facilities most communities take for granted (football park, cafe, play park and good quality public spaces).  The Action Group wants to help address this, in partnership with Hawthorn Housing Co-operative, Possilpark People’s Trust and Stepping Stones for Families, Children and Young People the two local primary schools and with support from their Community Connector. The group has commissioned a feasibility study which produces a vision for the phased development of the site. As part of the initial phase to create an accessible, safe outdoor green spaces for residents of Possilpark, this money would be used to provide some inclusive exercise for the playpark and outdoor gym area that would complement the inclusive play equipment. This part of Possilpark has the worst scores in the SIMD Income and Health Domain Ranks 2020 in Scotland. Access to outdoor space, an accessible playpark and free outdoor exercise area would help redress the inequality faced by a small but resilient community. There is no outdoor area with equipment suitable for people with disabilities in the area despite several families caring for children in wheelchairs and additional mobility needs. The park would also be used by local group Possobilities, who offer support and respite for people with a variety of disabilities while promoting independent living, as well as local schools for outdoor learning, out of school groups, church groups and Young People’s Futures.  

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