Wee Green Grants

Investment projects with scope: Wee Green Grants | Phase II

This heading has a budget of £14,222


Langside Library Garden of Reading seating

2021-03-01  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II

Provision of four steel, coloured benches to provide comfortable seating for garden users, replacing wooden benches destroyed by vandals (November 2020). These are manufactured and supplied locally and covered by a 25 year guarantee. Seating has been a vital component in facilitating the garden’s use for reading, outdoor study and recreation. Quotations for similar benches, delivery etc from two other suppliers have been obtained with the local supplier, from whom many of the city’s park benches are obtained, proving best value. 


Community refurbishment of public tennis courts

2021-03-01  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II

We aim to refurbish Newlands Park’s one tarmac and two blaes tennis courts. The tarmac court is used constantly but the blaes courts, in poor repair, are used less. All three have attained a new significance during the pandemic as a vital, valued local facility. To improve the blaes courts, upgrading to tarmac is prohibitively expensive, but we can instead make financially realistic improvements to their surfaces and markings so they can be used much more in future. Our members have volunteered to do the physical work and we have attracted private sector in-kind support to this community capacity-building project 


Community Play, Bardowie Street Play Park - Possilpark

2021-03-02  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II

Possilpark lacks many facilities most communities take for granted (football park, cafe, play park and good quality public spaces).  The Action Group wants to help address this, in partnership with Hawthorn Housing Co-operative, Possilpark People’s Trust and Stepping Stones for Families, Children and Young People the two local primary schools and with support from their Community Connector. The group has commissioned a feasibility study which produces a vision for the phased development of the site. As part of the initial phase to create an accessible, safe outdoor green spaces for residents of Possilpark, this money would be used to provide some inclusive exercise for the playpark and outdoor gym area that would complement the inclusive play equipment. This part of Possilpark has the worst scores in the SIMD Income and Health Domain Ranks 2020 in Scotland. Access to outdoor space, an accessible playpark and free outdoor exercise area would help redress the inequality faced by a small but resilient community. There is no outdoor area with equipment suitable for people with disabilities in the area despite several families caring for children in wheelchairs and additional mobility needs. The park would also be used by local group Possobilities, who offer support and respite for people with a variety of disabilities while promoting independent living, as well as local schools for outdoor learning, out of school groups, church groups and Young People’s Futures.  


Springburn Park Peace Garden

2021-03-02  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II

In partnership with Barnardo’s and Elmvale Primary School we want to create a peace garden in Springburn Park. The garden will be a place where everyone in the community can spend some peaceful, contemplative time – a place where planting, biodiversity and artwork will help to promote wellbeing and give space to think about peace, justice, and community. There is an existing peace pole in the park donated by survivors of the atomic bombs at Nagasaki and Hiroshima - part of the Japanese Peace Pole project. Unfortunately, it isn’t sited well and the area has become overgrown and unused. We will work with children at Elmvale Primary School to allow them to take ownership of the project, design the space and create it with assistance from volunteers. The project will allow the children to develop skills and knowledge. They will explore the history of the peace pole, research the best plants to support biodiversity and create artwork to capture the community’s imagination. The children, supported by Barnardo’s and FOSP volunteers will then be able to create, plant and care for this garden themselves. The opportunity to get involved with practical conservation and planting will allow them to build skills, confidence and contribute to their community.


Outdoor Community Space

2021-03-01  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II

Easterhouse Parish Church has substantial land surrounding the building that has the potential to be developed into a recreational space that can be used by the baby and toddler group, After School clubs, Messy Church, Daffodil Club, the congregation and the wider community. Currently the space is mostly used by dog walkers and has high levels of dog fouling. It would be great to make better use of the land and it is an ideal opportunity to nurture intergenerational connections and support the development of a recreational space that can be used by all ages within the community. This would ensure a balanced and varied programme of activities are consistently delivered within groups and extends to outdoors to ensure sustainability long term for current and future families.


Colourful Biodiversity Wall Mural and Mini Garden in [Gibson St] Bee Corridor

2021-03-01  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II

We seek funds to establish a ‘mini pollinator garden’ and mural wall to transform an area that is neglected into one that promotes biodiversity, neighbourhood ownership of emerging ‘green spaces’, and intergenerational community imagining of an ecologically-sustainable future. It can showcase Glasgow as a bold and creative ‘green city’ ahead of COP26 in November. We will source robust planters using waste materials and sustainably produced waterproof hardware to home bee-friendly pollinator plants, in line with the Council’s ‘bee corridor’ initiative along Gibson St. This will be established with guidance from Woodlands Community Gardens, RSPB, Friends of the River Kelvin and other partners, and maintained by school pupils and local businesses on a rota basis, fostering community spirit and resilience. Inspired by Glasgow’s mural trail, an attractive, bright, wall-sized image will span the garden, with echoes of hopes into the future: community building, sustainability, bio- and cultural diversity, youth, climate action and pandemic recovery. Evoking the landscape of the River Kelvin, it will be designed and delivered by a National Trustapproved graffiti artist, in collaboration with children and young people at the schools. We will also seek to incorporate educational engagement with emerging local graffiti youth artists through partnerships. 


A Walk in the Woods

2021-03-01  •  Admin  •  Wee Green Grants | Phase II

Linn Park is a beautiful and wild place bounded by the communities of Cathcart, Simshill, Castlemilk, Muirend and Netherlee. Although surrounded by the city, you can feel surrounded by nature within the walking routes of the Park. We had great success with the previous Wee Green Grant which allowed us to buy some path material to really improve some areas of path within the park, and to create a safe pedestrian route alongside a roadway. We would love to continue the path improvements to fully bring back into use some more paths we have cleared. The volunteers have been shifting mud, digging drainage channels and lopping back vegetation to allow a woodland network of paths to be useable again, saving the woodland from further erosion from footsteps trying to find a way past the muddy puddles. We now need to give the paths a ‘top coat’ to ensure safe footing for the future. This will allow the wonderful world of Linn Park Local Nature Reserve to continue to be accessible and enjoyable to so many. Part of the white cart walkway is within Linn Park and also needs some path improvement – we would reserve some of the path material to improve this area also.